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Dallas, TX area fine artist specializes in ostrich egg art and custom hand engraving

Monday to Friday 8:00-19:00
Saturday and Sunday 9:00-15:00

Ostrich Egg Art:

My many hours of design, layout, carving, sanding, and polishing results in a unique piece of sculpted Fine Art. One of a kind, done by hand, never to be exactly duplicated.  

In the following pages, there are examples of simple to elaborate sculpted designs.

Custom Hand Engraving:

I expanded my art in 2009 and became a 'Certified' custom hand engraver who combines my artistic touch with a high-speed carving tool to create a unique and personalized item. Clients may be seeking to engrave for an item that just does not fit into a retail outlet engraving computer or machine holding a device. Additionally, this does not allow for artistic expression. My custom hand-engraving can be applied to most hard surfaces. 

Visit 'Engraving' page for additional information. 

  1. Sally [Galleria Store Mgr] and the entire Cosmetic team were very impressed with your work this past weekend – thank you!

                           Lee N.

  2. Thank you for the great job. I hope we can work together again.

                             Calvin & Marge Z.
  3. The one thing I am MOST grateful for is having you in the business! I know you'll care. WOW, are we lucky!                                                                        

                             Lynne H.
  4. Thank you so much for your hard work.  You are a wonderful person and I will recommend you in the future. Thanks again.              

                            Theresa & Carter C.
  5. Angela and I can not thank you enough for all your help. You’re the greatest.

                              Dr. Brian  R.

 Scott has a lifelong passion for art. His interest began when he was still a student. In fact, he started out as an art major when he was in college. He later took up structural engineering - a discipline which may seem unrelated to art but actually adheres to the principles of design, albeit from a more technical perspective. This has resulted in the most polished creations that are unique to Scott and his background.

Scott is a certified engraver. He has years of experience in doing engravings on various surfaces. He is known for superb custom hand engraving. 

Scott's other specialty is the carving of his artistic "ostrich eggs." 

These creations are whimsical wonders that will truly add charm, beauty, and artistic value anywhere they are placed. "This has become a passion and I spend hours on carving ostrich eggs with 'one of a kind' original designs offering a distinguished gift or decorating accessory that would add to anyone's unique environment," Scott says.

Scott's carving process for his sought-after ostrich egg creations makes use of a high-speed carving tool. The tool has to be operated with precision so that it can successfully render the finest details of any design.

It's no surprise that Scott has received many heartfelt word-of-mouth endorsements from his customers over the years. Naturally, he also has a loyal following who do not hesitate to express just how happy they are with his work.

Scott explains he finds fulfillment in seeing his customer getting a unique item, a superb work of art that nobody else has. 

He adds, "I spent many hours coming up with the design, doing the layout, carving, sanding, and polishing results in a unique piece of sculpted fine art."